A True Classic Never Dies

A True Classic Never Dies

It is an inarguable fact that today’s society has happily thrown its former opinions and values to the wind in favor of a more flamboyant lifestyle. This can be seen by the popular manner of clothing, hairstyle, music, activities and, perhaps most noticeably, its popular jewelry. Once kept small and sedate jewelry is now making its own debut in the more popular at Eastern and tribal styles found in Africa and Asia.

There are, however, some classics which remain untouched. The purity and beauty of plain silver jewelry has not lost its appeal in the current craze for the unusual; in fact, with the return to several of the classic styles of dress and mannerisms plain silver jewelry is more popular than ever before.

The trend in plain silver pendants dates back to the dark ages, when men and women wore silver crosses in an attempt to protect themselves from those things that went bump in the night. While the effectiveness of these dubious charms and pendants was never proven, they remain an integral part of the foundation of jewelry design for the rest of history. There are very few individuals today who can say that they have never owned or worn a simple cross necklace at some point in their youth. From the necklace of the cross spraying various other, more complex designs; however, the principle of simplicity and purity remain the same.

Plain silver pendants got their next big boost with the advent of the charm bracelet. A charm bracelet is a bracelet made of many links put together upon which small charms can be hung. These charms range from the classic cross (take note of how the Christian religion continues to influence people’s mannerisms and style of dress throughout history) to be more flamboyant red high-heeled shoes and four leaf clovers. These were incredibly popular in the late 20th century, and remained a popular fashion item among children and young teenagers today. Most of these charms are alike in that they are not incredibly complex; however, it is their simplicity that in many ways makes them more appealing. Charm bracelets bring to mind hot summer nights and childish wishes upon a star.

The latest trends in silver jewelry are the Italian charm bracelets. Introduced to Americans by the Italian nation in the 21st century, these innovative versions of an old classic have set the fashion industry on its ear. Italian charm bracelets consist of links which link together overtop of a core frame; however, unlike the traditional charm bracelet there is nothing dangling off these bracelets. They present a clean, smooth line that serves to greatly reduce the risk of the charms being broken or damaged due to normal wear and tear.

Regardless of what the fashion industry considers to be hot and in vogue today, plain silver pendants will never go out of style. These can be found at any local jewelry store or designed by any clever designer