Vintage Faux Fur Coat

Vintage Faux Fur Coat

Like any other fashion, fur fashion is ever changing. However, there will always come a time when fashions of before get back into trend again, as they say ‘what goes around comes around’. It will always be a never-ending cycle of modern and vintage. And for those people who take on the love for vintage, vintage faux fur coats has a say on their list.

For one vintage faux fur coats are not that expensive and most often than not, they are still elegant and in good condition. Those having a feel of the 50’s and 60’s would always go for vintage fashion of fur coats, although some may just add them to their collections for future use, and why not when they are practically still ‘in’. Here are some good finds of vintage faux fur coats:

Vintage 50’s Style Dark Brown Faux Fur Mink Coat
This vintage faux fur coat is a 1950’s style and in great condition. The coat features a wide collar which can stand up against the cold weather. This coat is mid-length with generous sleeves and satin lining. It is in dark brown base color that is made more interesting by thin stripes of brown-black fur running vertically from bottom to top and around the collar. This vintage faux fur coat is great for winter.
Price at eBay: starting bid $10.00

Vintage Faux Fur Coat by Russel Taylor
This elegant faux fur coat by Russel Taylor is in really good condition and is a size 8-10. It features trimmed leather and has been very well preserved. It features faux fur in combination colors of dark brown, light brown, black and some hints of white. This is a quality faux fur coat that has been well taken care of and no tears, rips or stains on the coat to the lining.
Price at eBay: starting bid $15.00

Vintage 60’s Faux Leopard Fur Print Coat Jacket L
This leopard print vintage faux fur coat is in excellent condition and is 23 inches across the chest and 35 inches long with 24-inch sleeves. Show vintage style and elegance in this faux fur coat.
Price at eBay: starting bid $48.99

Vintage Faux Fur Full Length Coat
This coat is unique in its style and is a full length black leopard print faux fur coat. It’s size is 2-4 and has a black lining that is in perfect condition with black trims on collar and sleeves. This coat is gorgeous and one of a kind.
Price at eBay: starting bid $22.00

Brown Lykafur Vintage Faux Fur Coat made in England
This Lykafur brown coat is made in England and measures 32 inches long from shoulder, the sleeves are 19 inches. The shoulder seam is 17inches. The coat is in good condition and excellent elegant look.
Price at eBay: starting bid $9.99