The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

In anticipation of the arrival of a new baby typically friend will have a baby shower for the expecting mother. This is a special celebration of motherhood that is typically held around three months before the baby is due. However now and days some people are even having baby showers after the baby is born. There are benefits either way.

It is customary for guests to bring some type of gift to the baby shower. These typically are something for the mother or baby. Picking these gifts can be a lot of fun for guests. It can be a real joy to think about the future baby and his/her mother and things they might like. Shopping for toys, diapers, bottles or other such baby items can be enjoyable.

However picking just the right gift can be difficult also. You want to find something that the mother too be or baby will use and something that they do not already have. This can pose a difficult problem. Here are some suggestions to picking the perfect baby shower gift.

Tip #1 Buy something practical -Things that the all babies use frequently can be very practical and ensure that what you buy is useful. Things like baby ointments, baby lotions, diapers, wipes, baby power, and other stuff. By placing these all in a cute basket it will scream baby shower gift! Buying a baby shower gift this way you can be sure that it will be put to good use. All babies need diapers and they go through them at an amazing rate. In fact this can be a huge expense for the new family. By buying useful objects like diapers, ointments and other functional products you will help defray some of the cost and the parents will think of you every time they change a diaper.

Tip #2 Buy something that is fun for the baby – Another fun tip and easy gift is to buy something that is fun for the baby like a toy. Today they have tons of great toys that vibrate, play music, and have colorful lights. These are all great toys and very helpful for the babies brain development. The more babbies explore and play the faster their brain connections develop. So not only will you be giving a fun gift you will be helping the child develop their brains. Things like swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, rockers or small soft play toys can all be great gift ideas.

Tip #3 Buy some clothes – This one can be a very fun gift. It is hard for anyone to resist the cute little clothes that babies wear. Just imagining those small feet, hands and body filling the tiny clothes can be a joy in itself. When buying clothes it is better to stay with pretty practical things to ensure that the baby will get to wear it a few times. Things that need to be dry-cleaned, ironed, or etc probably will not ever be worn by the bay because of the extra time and effort required by the mother to use these clothes. Also buying clothes in medium sizes or a variety of different sizes. Typically a family will get tons of clothes that are for newborns. That is what everyone like to buy as they imagine the baby. However to be unique and provide something that is useful at the same time buying clothes that are 3 to 6 or 6 to 9 months can be fun for the parents and make for a unique gift.

Tip #3 Buy something that is practical for mom – Buying gifts for the future mom can also be a lot of fun and very practical and something you can be sure they will use. Things like a diaper trashcan that keeps the smell of dirty diapers down, a sling to carry the baby, or a diaper bag can all be helpful. The mom to be has the hardest job of all. She will be getting up at all hours of the night to feed and comfort the baby along with being overwhelmed at having to take care of a brand new life. Giving some gift that can help make her life easier is often very appreciated.

Tip# 4 Buy something just for mom – Yes a baby shower is supposed to technically be for the baby. However moms are often nervous about the new life that will be coming to them and also can feel very exhausted from both the pregnancy and the delivery of a new baby. Buying a gift for her can be something that gives her a little boost. Things that will make mom’s life a little easier are always appreciated. A gift certificate to a local mall so mom can get away for a break and do a little fun shopping is often very appreciated. Other options for mom might include gift certificates for food, especially from places that deliver will typically be used. Even cooking a dinner for the future parents can be incredibly helpful. Also to unwind a subscription to a magazine can be a nice gift for a mom.

By following these tips you can find a fun gift that will celebrate the mom to be and the baby that is on it’s way into the family. This can be a very fun time and while shopping for such gifts can be difficult at times if you go early and think about the suggestions above and just have fun and find what you like the gift is sure to be something that the mother and baby will be happy to receive and use frequently.

Remember that a baby shower is a special time for the parents, mother and baby to be welcomed into the world. It is a great chance to boost the mother to be and prepare her for the hard work of being a mother. It is also a wonderful chance to celebrate the birth of a new life. Babies are so cute this can be a fun time for everyone. To ensure that you get the right baby shower gift take your time, relax and follow some of the suggestions above.