Roll-Up Bag Irons Out Wrinkle Problem

Roll-Up Bag Irons Out Wrinkle Problem

Savvy travelers know the trick of rolling their clothes when they pack to reduce wrinkles and save space.

This usually works for smaller, casual articles of clothing, such as tops and jeans. But what if you had to pack a suit? And if you are taking a short trip for business, how do you fit your business attire into an overnight bag that you don’t have to check?

Such travelers’ difficulties were common for Don Chernoff, a former Intel engineer and frequent flier. So he took the rolling idea to the next level. His invention, SkyRoll, is a garment bag that actually rolls up after it’s packed.

“It occurred to me that if I could roll my suits instead of fold them, they would wrinkle less, and I would have a more compact shape that would be easier to carry on the plane,” he said.

SkyRoll’s design consists of a hollow cylinder with a detachable garment bag that wraps around the outside of the cylinder. Smaller items such as shoes and toiletries fit into the cylinder, while suits, pants, dresses and other larger items are placed inside the garment bag, which is then rolled around the cylinder and secured with three clips. Because the clothes are rolled instead of folded, they come out with fewer wrinkles.

The bag is designed to hold two to three days’ worth of clothing. Once rolled, it’s small enough to meet airlines’ size restrictions for carry-on luggage.