Let Out The Athlete In You

Let Out The Athlete In You

Adidas is a name that has a thunderous ring in the sports industry. Primarily focusing on the manufacture of clothing and shoes that appeal to athletes, professional sports stars, and the hobbyists alike, this German company was able to soon dominate the market with its superior products. Even though financial scandals netted the company some less than flattering headlines in the 1980s and 1990s, the quality of Adidas shoes, clothing, warm up gear, and jogging apparel are too superior to other brands and the apparel giant was able to simply slough off the bad press by separating itself from those who caused the headlines.

In what many consider a stroke of genius, Adidas entered into a highly successful partnership with Stella McCartney – yes, she is the daughter of the Sir Paul McCartney – who has built a reputation not on her parentage but on her ability to design clothing and fashion accoutrements that are highly sought after. Designing jackets for the Adidas store, she even has fashioned one of them to read “suitable for sporty vegetarians” which adds contemporary style to athletic chic.

With Adidas, you will most likely be impressed by their wide selection of shoes. Adidas shoes, whether you are looking for the famous Adidas soccer shoes or the Adidas running shoes, are probably some of the most recognized footwear in the world. The Adidas 1 is the new flagship of the line; it incorporates the use of a microprocessor to impart the ultimate comfort and support to its wearer.

At this point in time, Adidas soccer sponsorships have made the brand visible and the Adidas classics, the NBA jackets, and the Adidas superstar collection have brought many new customers into the stores. Considered retro by some, the Adidas originals and even some of the well used Adidas jackets are flying off the shelves in the specialty stores and even eBay has begun to exhibit more and more collectible Adidas wear. Giving back to the community, the company sponsors the Ateneo de Manila University team as well as a number of American teams.

Quite possibly a revolutionary program that the company has unveiled is Mi Adidas. While the idea of customizing articles used during athletic endeavors is not new, the fact that an athlete can now adapt a shoe to fit her or his personal footwear needs is indeed new and in the past carried with it a hefty price tag. Yet by allowing this process to be offered to athletes worldwide via the Internet, the sheer amount of consumer demand has permitted the prices to remain lower than you would expect and it is this spectacular service that sets apart Adidas from the rest of the sportswear manufacturers and showcases its commitment to the serious athlete and the novice sports man or woman alike.