Internet Marketing Newbie? Tailor Your Website

Internet Marketing Newbie? Tailor Your Website

You have decided to zero in on product creation? You have reached the point were you know your goals inside out. You have even written your goals down.

They are tacked onto your refrigerator and taped over your computer. You also have your goals written in your pocket-size “ideas” booklet. It appears you are ready to rumble! Let’s get it on!

You finally decide that the theme for your website is going to be “Men’s Shoes Of The 50’s.” From here on in, everything on the website should dovetail nicely into the theme.

Don’t bring in men’s trousers. For now, during the early going, stick with this specific shoe.

Put your shotgun away, at this point, you need your rifle. People are savvy. They know what it is they want. They’re smart enough to know not to type in men’s shoes. They zero in on a specific shoe, mens shoes of the 50’s.

It’s coming early, but here is a priceless golden nugget.

You now know the way people search online. Try to marry your selling strategies to the way people search. When you can accomplish that, you will be looking your target customer dead in the eye.

Lets dig into this a bit more. People who go online to buy a “men’s shoe of the 50’s” are interested in just that, a mens shoe of the 50’s. That’s it!

The trousers that you thought they might buy when they come to your 50’s shoe website are what you want. Not what they want.

Crucial error!

Learn a lesson here because most of the money spent on promoting 50’s shoes and trousers is unfocused and wasted. That money could have gone to increase your variety of 50’s shoe on display on your website.

Or better yet, it could have boosted your marketing budget thereby bringing more targeted traffic to your website. You also now have to redo your divided website.

Picture this!

Your website is perfectly themed. Content is intricately woven throughout your website and is spot on. You have done your website homework. Your articles and reports are singularly focused with great content on the mens shoe of the 50’s.

The search engines have sent the spiders to comb your website and they love it. Your google ads are specific and focused.

Deep into the country, in a small unknown town, daddy’s birthday is approaching.

Mother is secretively asked, “what does daddy want for his birthday?”

She shoots back with a smile, (the children have remembered) “get him a pair of two-tone shoes from the 50’s.”

Perplexed, the children respond, “they don’t sell those shoes in town, where can we get them?”

Mother smiles again, “try the internet.”

“Oh why didn’t we think of that,” replied the children.

They go to the computer, fire it up, and guess what they type in? You’re correct, mens shoes of the 50’s. And guess which website is staring them in the face?

This scenario is played out over and over and your internet cash register is ringing steadily. Stay focused, set up one singular site, but set it up well. Then watch that one website turn over again and again. Sort of like money in the bank.