I Choose My Shoes

I Choose My Shoes

Among the huge number of products that are for sale online, designer shoes are one of the most popular. In a recent survey by ACNielsen, they found out that consumers around the world consider their shoes as their number one designer accessory.

One reason for this fashion trend can be attributed to the various movies and television shows that showcased stories revolving around designer shoes. More and more consumers are looking at designer shoes as a symbol of their wealth and success or as a way to publicly yet discreetly announce their newly acquired social status.

According to the said survey, around 49% of online consumers prefer designer shoes over any other fashion accessory that they have. One interpretation of the survey is that despite the costs of designer shoes, relatively they are still the most affordable items in the world of designer apparel, sunglasses comes in second, followed by wallets, handbags and belts.

Buying online has its advantages. It is really very convenient to shop in the comfort of your sofa at home. The internet has removed the stress from shopping. By a click of a mouse, you can make your purchase and all you need to do is to wait for your order to be delivered right at your doorstep. If you want to cut waiting time by half, a lot of online stores today usually offer an exclusive 24-hour delivery option where you can get your order the next day just by adding a few extra dollars to the total purchase cost.

Moreover, products online are relatively cheaper than those in shops, malls or boutiques. Besides, when shopping online, you have almost an endless line of shops or stores to choose from as well as pages and pages of product catalogues to look at. Plus, you’ll always be at the forefront of the fashion craze since online stores update their catalogues regularly and maintain up to date selections of product lines.

By simply logging on to the internet you can easily find designer clothes and shoes. A word of caution, however, there are a lot of fake designer apparel out there. Websites sometimes masquerade as a seller of authentic designer items but actually distribute knock-offs and mere imitations.

You can rely on referrals from friends and from other websites or better yet you can do your own research to find out which websites sell genuine designer products.