How to Be a Good Image Consultant

How to Be a Good Image Consultant

You have probably heard that image consultants are doing very well these days which is why you thought of getting into the business. But is it really for everyone? The answer is no and it will take a lot of things to make it work.

First, you must have prior experience in the chosen field you want to become an image consultant in so people will listen to you. If you want to be a image consultant/fashion consultant, it is good if you worked in the fashion industry for some time before deciding to get out.

Second, you should also have formal training and certification because this will increase your value as a professional. You may have worked for a fashion company in the past but further training increases your chances of being hired after choosing from other possible candidates.

With those two, you make or break your business as an image consultant with three important factors.

When you are hired to be an image consultant for a client, you have to do your best for that person. You must offer good quality so can be proud of what you have done since you have accomplished even beyond the client’s expectations.

If you have offer good quality, then no one will question how much you are charging. Most image consultants charge by the hour and on average that is about $50. If you work for a celebrity or a major corporation this is much bigger and you can only charge more if you have had previous clients in the past that are satisfied with your accomplishments.

Lastly, you must offer service. No one will an image consultant for one day and expect things to change. You have to talk with this person often, conduct follow ups to see how things are doing and be ready to make the necessary changes if the approaches used in the past do not produce any positive results.

Quality, price and service are the three most important factors you must always possess if you want to succeed as an image consultant.

If business is doing well, you will not only help individuals but also companies as well. The difference between the two is the fact that with a company, you will assess not one but a group of individuals. Talking to them is very tedious so you have to be able to conduct a seminar or workshop and still produce positive results.

You may not have time to manage a lot of clients and this is when you have to hire or train people who want to become image consultants so your reputation is not jeopardized just because you are not the one handling the case.

Another option will be to network with other image consultants especially when they specialize in something you are not so familiar with.

There is room for everyone who decides to become an image consultant. Those who do well will be in business for years while those who don’t will fold.

Surely, you want your business as an image consultant to succeed so keep the three factors in mind and get all the training you need. You will find these useful when you face a client so you are able to deliver results.