Golf Equipment – More Than Just Balls And Clubs

Golf Equipment – More Than Just Balls And Clubs

While golf clubs and golf balls are an essential part of a golfers equipment, there are other things that are important too. A serious golfer needs some other tools in his arsenal to ensure that he has a great golfing experience, and to make sure that his game is at its best at all times.

The list of tools is massive, but some of the most important ones include markers, score keeping devices, and golf clothing.

Everyone Needs Golf Markers

When putting on the green there are certain rules of golfing etiquette that need to be followed. One of those rules is that the player who is the furthest away from the cup gets to putt first. Therefore, it is important that golf balls situated between the furthest ball and the cup be removed so that the furthest player has a clear shot at the pin. Golfing etiquette allows for the ball to be picked up and marked with a golf marker.

A golf marker is a very useful piece of equipment. It is a rounded peg, which is attached to a thin platform. When you pick up your golf ball you insert the peg into the green, and it marks the position of your ball. Markers can be made of any material – plastic, wood, or metal, and are often personalized in some way to make them easy to identify on the green.

Keeping Score

An important part of the golf game is keeping score. Each stroke that it takes to put the ball in the hole on the green is counted as part of the golfer’s score. An important piece of golf equipment to help the golfer in keeping track and tabulating their score is a golf scorekeeper.

Score keepers vary from counters that are operated manually, to fancy digital ones. They usually clip on to your gloves or golfing bag, and you make a count each time you take a stroke.

Clothing For Golfers

It can be argued that items which are worn by the golfer are part of golf equipment needs. The right clothes will not only protect the golfer from the outdoor elements, but will meet the requirements of certain golf courses.

If you are golfing in sunny climates, then a cap is essential to shade yourself from the sun and protect your eyes. Heat stroke is not fun, and neither is messing up your swing because the sun is in your eyes.

Golf shoes are another important piece of golf equipment. For many courses, a good pair of golf shoes is essential before you are allowed to play. Some golf courses require shoes without spikes, others will allow spikes on your golf shoes. It is best to confirm before you play what kind of shoes are allowed. Make sure your shoes are comfortable too, as golf involves a lot of walking.