A List of The Things to Bring on Your Sailing Vacation

A List of The Things to Bring on Your Sailing Vacation

You should make a list of things you will bring on your sailing vacation. This will make it easier for you to pack only the essentials even if you will only be away for a few days.

The first thing you have to get is a bag. You must never use hard sided suitcases because of the limited space. Instead, use a duffel bag or back pack. The nice thing about them is that they can be folded when you have transferred your clothes into the closet.

The most important thing you should pack for your sailing vacation is your travel documents. Without the, you will not be able to go anywhere so make sure that these are stored in a secure place. You should also make a few photocopies of these documents so in the event they get lost, you still have something to show.

What is a duffel bag without clothes? Chances are you don’t have to bring much during the trip if most of the time, you will be wearing a swimsuit and have something to cover yourself. But if there are formal events on board or on land, it will be a good idea to bring one dress trouser and jacket for the men and nice dress for the women.

The rule of thumb when it comes to clothes is to find out what will the weather be like when you are at sea. What you bring is different when your sailing vacation takes you to the Carribean or in Alaska. If you will be out in the sun a lot, make sure you have sun protection so your skin is not burned. If it is cold, you should have Chap Stick for your lips.

Passengers who are on medication should not forget to bring their prescription for the voyage. These should be packed in their original containers to avoid any problems when these are inspected by customs. You should also bring some extras in case there are delays when it is time to go home.

It also wouldn’t hurt to bring a first aid kit just in case you get hurt. You can buy these from the supermarket and also a flashlight so you are prepared in the event that there is a power outage.

For those who are going to the Caribbean, it will be a good idea to bring your own water gear. This will save you money because you have to pay a certain amount just to borrow them.

Another important thing you should pack for your sailing vacation is a camera. This will allow you to take pictures so you have something to show the people back home. Since digital cameras are the trend these days, bring an extra memory card and batteries so you don’t miss anything even if you forgot to recharge it the night before. Don’t forget to put this in a waterproof bag like a Zip lock so water or dust does not damage it.

A bag, travel documents, clothes, water gear, first aid kit, medicine and a camera are just some of the things you should put in your list for things to bring on your sailing vacation. If there are others you are thinking of bringing, think about it first before adding it to the list.